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Master of our own life’s journey

The vision of lifeforceworld is one of on-going study, implementation and expression in such a way that one starts to develop the purpose to discover their true life’s passion. When we develop an understanding of how to maintain a healthy happy mind, we begin to put our awareness into action, making decisions from a place of peace, clarity and positive vision. Then and only then can we become the master of our own life’s journey.

A wealth of background study & knowledge has enabled us to create a huge variety of self-development systems that will not only allow you to relocate your inner wisdom, but lay out the foundations for you to discover your hidden strengths. By working through your resistance you will begin to see and disperse those seemingly invisible challenges that prevent your progression on your life’s pathway.

Self-development Systems

We are proud to implement our own studies and experiences into our training services, which range from a background of beauty & holistic therapies, meditation, yoga and stress management coaching. We have developed highly skilled stress management strategies that implement ways in which to cope with the stressful demands of this modern age.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a practise for all to enjoy! Whatever your experience, your age, or your disability, there will be something for everyone in this magnificent moving meditation!

Public Speaking

These events can be tailored to a particular public interest, designed to inform, inspire and touch on a wide range of wellbeing related subjects.

Holistic Workshops

Self-growth workshops designed to develop your awareness, to align your self-power and discover ways in which to enhance and maintain a more positive, creative, peaceful existence.

Stress Management

Our stress management courses are designed to help educate and explore useful strategies to manage the different levels of stress in our lives.

Inspirational new book

Through the eyes of a wounded soul

Through The Eyes of a wounded soul, a book of truth, encouragement and inspiration. Not only will you gain vivid insight into some of Daniella’s most personal painful experiences, what you’ll also discover is how these deep struggles lit up the pathway to her purpose and success. She shares with you some valuable lifestyle tools that will set you on a path to self -alignment, growth and personal power.

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Ignite your potential

We will guild you through ways in which to ignite your potential, to reconnect and rebalance through the art of Yoga, meditation and powerful themed workshops or courses that will help you to move towards the life you deserve!

The Pathway to Power

Exploring powerful ways to enhance, deepen and assert one’s power into our thoughts, decisions & our actions

Switch on & Relax

A peaceful Journey incorporating breath, mind & movement.

Reiki Training

Two day course, filled with Reiki philosophies, practical training, Chakra anatomy and meditation.