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Stress management training

Strategies to manage stress

Our stress management courses are designed to help educate and explore useful strategies to manage the different levels of stress in our lives. Whether you are a manager, employee, school teacher, child, or a stay at home parent, these courses will supply useful techniques for you to implement, thus sustaining a healthier level of counterbalance.

“Mindfulness is the antidote for stress“

  • The Executive Package

  • £TBA

    6 Weeks
  • Tailored to combat stress in the work place.  The work force will be exploring ways to incorporate simple effective ways to deal with work related pressure. Implementing these learnt skills will hugely reduce stress related illness, improve staff concentration and ignite a happier working environment.

  • Relax & Release

  • £145

    2 Days
  • The ultimate re-energise! Two days filled with yoga, gentle meditation and the study of mindfulness in all its glory! Designed to help you settle, replenish and re-energise your senses. Invigorating for both mind and body, this course is packed full of peace inducing goodies that will certainly set you back on the path to a more balanced peaceful reality.

  • The children’s Life-force Rainbow

  • £15

    2 Hours
  • A fun packed 2 hour session for children to explore story telling yoga, magical meditation and simple exploration of all the fascinating rainbow colours that form the electro-magnetic field around the earth, people, animals ,plants and all of this magnificent creation we call “ Life”! A simple educational session to suit all those curious young minds.  The content learning for this session is:

    30 minutes of Fun Story telling Yoga
    Imaginative child friendly meditation
    A magical lesson on the lifeforce energy Rainbow
    Creative expression session with Art & colour activities

  • Power to Achieve

  • £145

    2 Days
  • A workshop created to explore ways in which to identify or re-locate that inner inspirational sense that can lead us to our fullest potential! Finding and working with our own power can hold the key to overcoming are greatest challenges. Learning how to develop and grow one’s personal power, will allow the unfoldment of our positive nature and inspire the assertive self to step forward, thus becoming the directors of our own life.  

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