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Public Speaking

Awareness of wellbeing

Our Public Speaking events work in a variety of ways. These events can be tailored to a particular public interest, designed to inform, inspire and touch on a wide range of wellbeing related subjects. The purpose of these events is to reach out to people on a larger scale and create an awareness of the many different levels of wellbeing, demonstrating useful tips and taster solutions to the many different obstacles that can stand in the way of a more counterbalanced lifestyle. There are many dis-advantages of living a life lead by stress, which is why we feel so passionate about offering to share ways that can add tremendous value to one’s life!

These events can last from 30 to 90 minutes, or can be a combination of different speakers lasting a number of hours. Members of the public, corporate, schools or associations that have a desire to help or educate a group in some way, on the subject of wellbeing, we encourage you to get in touch, we are more than happy to create themed talks that will serve to deliver powerful informative antidotes for the attending audience.

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