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Through the eyes of a wounded soul

Through The Eyes of a wounded soul, a book of truth, encouragement and inspiration. Not only will you gain vivid insight into some of Daniella’s most personal painful experiences, what you’ll also discover is how these deep struggles lit up the pathway to her purpose and success. She shares with you some valuable lifestyle tools that will set you on a path to self -alignment, growth and personal power. To become the director of your own life is not just empowering but liberating, and once you’re in touch with that internal flame, nothing can hold you down. Pain is a driving force, a force that is one of your most powerful motivational gifts in life. Learning to recognise the hidden magic within your challenges will literally transform your whole perception for the better towards yourself, your capabilities and the magnificent world around you. This is a book that uncovers some of the invisible layers, awakens you to the Genie of the universe encouraging you to dig out its hidden messages, and through this bumpy journey you will somehow find some solutions to your problems. The problem holds the answers to something you’ve been asking for. The problem, the challenge, the pain, these are all strong recipes to the purist nourishment, the fuel to deliver you to “ The true self”. So many are in a state of spiritual sleep, and whilst asleep the pain becomes a negative vessel, one which overwhelms the mind and senses suffocating life like a snake wrapped around the throat of its victim. Awareness will reawaken the sleeping warrior, and suddenly conscious awareness brings forth the wisdom to conquer fear, identify one’s true nature and explode out of the MATRIX mind. The time has arrived for you to set yourself free, to become the best version of yourself, to become the real YOU.

In this book you will:

  • Learn how to identify stress and manage it in a positive way
  • Discover the benefits of meditation and mindful living
  • Explore beliefs systems and discover how these effect your progress
  • Uncover the many avenues of abundance
  • Learn how to execute your power and show up in your life
  • Deepen your understanding of self and journey towards your desired life destination

Enjoy the journey, for the journey is you sculping your masterpiece!

As Daniella turns her passion in to self-power, she embraces this affirmation;

“Create the decision and fulfil your life vision”