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About Lifeforce World

Daniella Davis Taylor

Founder of the company

Daniella has worked in the health industry since 1996 and has been extremely lucky to have studied with some of the world’s most renowned teachers. Yogi Ashokanada, Kadam John McBretney and Andy Harrington are just a few of the named mentor’s on her list of achievements. The impact these humble human beings have had on her life, lead her on so many inspiring journey’s, all of which she implements into her teaching frame work. She started her studies at Barnfield College in England, where she completed training in Beauty & Holistic Therapy.

She then intensified her Knowledge by embarking on a yearlong practical study in India, Hong Kong and Thailand, where she grew in the understanding of Yoga, meditation, Buddhism and herbal medicine. Training as a yoga Teacher here in London in 2010 has allowed her to infuse her sea of knowledge into a unique teaching program that has created a profound effect on her student’s day to day life. Running global retreats, tutoring in college’s and teaching a wide range of self-development strategies have been the path of her career journey, and her inspiration has come from the life experiences of herself & other’s. Daniella felt compelled to express her message further as she was most recently taken under the wings of world class Public Speaker “ Andy Harrington”, embarking on his Elite university program, learning the art of perfecting her Mass audience teaching qualities, stepping onto the live stage and sharing her passion. The launch of her first book is set to unfold in the summer of 2019, which is surely one of her most personal journeys yet!

As Daniella turns her passion in to self-power, she embraces this affirmation;

“Create the decision and fulfil your life vision”