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Yoga & Meditation


Yoga is a practise for all to enjoy! Whatever your experience, your age, or your disability, there will be something for everyone in this magnificent moving meditation!


Meditation is a gentle implementing of becoming aware of our mental functioning. We learn to steady the thoughts, redirect mental traffic and create the space to realign the breath with the body.

  • Yoga Classes

  • Classes are designed for all levels, from beginner to intermediate, with a flow of consistent mindful movement to challenge your mind & body. Regular practise will improve your flexibility, strengthen your anatomy, and help disperse the burden of low mood.

    Yoga Class style: Hatha Flow

    Please note all corporate classes are to be arranged following a meeting.

  • Meditation Classes

  • Learning the art of bringing our awareness back into the body allows us the time  we need to self-discover, revaluate, and grasp a level of mental, physical, emotional & spiritual positioning that brings us into a state of equilibrium. Without this state of counterbalance, we begin to lose the ability to effectively live a life of harmony, leading to an on-going sequence of stress related dis-ease in both mind and body.  We use a simple set of strategies that will enable you to incorporate methods of relaxation, clarity and motivation into your daily living however challenging it may be!

    Please note all corporate classes are to be arranged following a meeting.

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